by Router Login Router Login: is one of the most popular IP address. Most of the routers use this IP address. This IP address is necessary to access some device’s administrative panel. There are many routers those use other  IP address like,, but here we will talk about IP address. Administrative panel is

by Admin Login Admin Login: is a private IP address that many networking devices use. Some other broadband routers and modem like Aztech, Gigabyte, Motorola, Thomson also use this IP address. This is a  private IP address that is mostly used for private networks. This Ip address also helps other networking devices for communication. Where some


Asus Router Login Process

Asus Router Login Process: Today in this era of the internet there are many routers available. These routers transfer data within seconds. In this article, we will discuss Asus Router and its login procedure. Asus router is helpful in communicating with other devices also. Asus router uses IP address for login purpose. You can change