192.168 1.1 Admin Wireless Settings || Admin Login Admin Wireless Settings: Mainly D-link router, TP-Link router, and Linksys broadband routers use this IP address. Some other brand of routers also uses this IP address as a gateway equipment. Many Network administrator also uses this IP address. You can also do admin wireless settings using IP address. This IP address can also be used to set up a new router. Other devices like printers, computers also use this  IP address for admin wireless settings instead of routers. But this method may lead you to conflict. Admin Wireless Settings

192.168. 1.1 is a private IP address and it lies in the range from to This article will guide you regarding the Admin Wireless Settings along with some necessary information related to this. Admin Wireless Settings – Step By Step Process

In order to do, Admin Wireless Settings one need not to know the IP address of the router. You can automatically know it by its SSID once you come online using this interwork on your phone. But IP address is required if you are setting up a new router. IP address is also required for any troubleshooting during any problem in the router. Admin Wireless Settings

If you want to access the router configuration setting then you need to login to login to the router administrator console. For this, you  need to open the browser and type Then enter the username Admin.

Sometimes it does not work due to some reason. The reason may be like this.

1. The router may fail and can not respond to connection when opened via any web  browser

2.The router may use any other IP address rather than

3. There may be some fault with browser and interconnection so that the router login webpage is not coming

Steps For Admin Wireless Settings

The very first step in this admin wireless setting is to open the router management interface by entering enter on the address bar. Now the web-based login page of the router will open. There you need to provide the username name and password as Admin. Now choose the correct access mode after selecting the Setup Wizard. There are two types of access mode, one is PPPOE mode and another one is Static IP address. Admin Wireless Settings

PPPOE mode: It is one most common mode in internet access. This method uses the dial-up method with UN and PWD.

Static IP Address:  The ISP carrier provides some fixed IP address, DNS, gateway etc. But beside this, some fiber optic lines use the static IP address.

Steps to Step Up Name and Password for the Router for Wireless Signal

  • First of all open Setup Wizard and then open Wireless Settings
  • In the wireless settings option, you can see channel, security options, mode, SSID and some more settings options
  • SSID is the name of the router that you use after searching it as nearby available wifi. You can leave it as default
  • When it comes to wireless security section, select the wpa-psk or wpa2-psk and set router’s password. Usually, wpa2-psk is better as compared to other
  • This new password that you set will be the password for the wireless network that you are using your laptops or mobiles
  • To avoid others to hack your password choose a complex password for your wireless network

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